Looking for a way of cleaning area rugs in your home without having to scrub endlessly yourself?  Give Coit area rug cleaning Victoria a try.

Our first priority is delivering clean, healthy and revitalized area rugs to each and every customer who invests in our services. Using professional cleaning equipment and a powerful cleaning solution that’s proven to be effective in stain removal, we’ll give your area rugs the deepest clean possible.

Depending on the type of area rug you have, we’ll be sure to be conscious of manufacturer instructions. Our technicians have training working with all types of materials and know exactly how to approach various stains in a way that not only eliminates damage, but prevents further damage from occurring during the cleaning process.

Coit Area Rug Cleaning Victoria: Experience the Benefits for Yourself

  • Coit area rug cleaners will pick up and deliver your area rugs if you’d like us to clean them outside your home; we’ll also offer a free estimate before we begin work.
  • As each area rug contains different fibers, dyes and weaves, our team of technicians will be sure to approach each type with the appropriate procedure to produce results.
  • If you employ Coit to clean your area rugs every 6 to 12 months, they’ll be cleaner, they’ll look better and they’ll last longer.
  • When it comes to getting rid of stubborn pet stains and unpleasant odors, we’ll tackle those and get rid of them using powerful professional cleaning equipment.
  • Our team of area rug cleaners can also apply COITGard fabric protector once we’re finishing deep cleaning to protect the surface from future stains.
  • If you need repairs, re-fringing or re-padding for your area rugs, Coit rug cleaning Victoria BC will gladly add these services to our standard cleaning package.

Coit’s Victoria Team Abides by the Guidance of the IICRC

From repairs to deep cleaning, Coit Victoria technicians operate with precision, following the best practices set forth by the IICRC – the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. 

By holding professional cleaning companies to the highest standards, the IICRC’s mission begins with customers like you in mind. This non-profit organization is constantly assessing and innovating current cleaning procedures to make sure customers who invest in cleaning companies like Coit get the results they expect.

Every Single Service is Guaranteed to Deliver Results – or Your Money Back

Regardless of whether we’re performing Persian rug cleaning, rug repair, re-padding or any other kind of deep cleaning, Coit Victoria is committed to keeping a promise we’re well known for: our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Reclean, Refund, Repair, Rectify

  • If your area rugs are not as clean as you’d like them to be, let us know and we’ll reclean them right away until you’re satisfied.
  • If you’re not satisfied after the second cleaning, we’ll offer you a refund.
  • If a Coit Victoria technician should accidentally damage an item in your home, we’ll repair it for you on our own dime.
  • If the item is beyond repair, we’ll rectify the issue by giving you a cash credit that will let you buy a replacement item.

Ready to walk on area rugs that are cleaner and in better condition? Give us a call at Coit Victoria today to set up an appointment.

 COIT Cleaning and Restoration of Victoria