Improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) - Indoor Air Quality Testing

Can you say with certainty that the air you breathe in your office space is as clean and healthy as it could be? If you’re not sure about your office’s  Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), it’s time to test it and find out by having a professional inspection and cleaning treatment.

Creating Better Indoor Air quality

To ensure you’re breathing healthy air that’s free from dust, dirt and allergens, you need to make sure your office’s heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system is working properly.

Once dusts starts to accumulate inside the air ducts, you’re inviting mold and bacteria to breed, along with other microbes. These contaminants are then circulated through the air that you and other employees are exposed to every day. Not good! This exposure can lead to allergy irritation and discomfort for anyone who spends time there.

If you invest in professional cleaning services to tackle these contaminants, you’ll experience the benefits of having a newly cleaned system. Not only will you and other be breathing in less dust; your workspace will be cleaner and your utility bills will decrease. 

To assess your office’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), see if anyone is experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Eyes feel itchy
  • Hard to breathe at times
  • Excessive sneezing and coughing

Do you see any of the following in your office?

  • Excessive build-up of dust on the grates
  • Black dust around floors and desks
  • Dusty furniture

Pay attention to any dusty or burnt smells you encounter in your office space as well, particularly when the HVAC system is running.

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