Are your area rugs looking matted, dingy, or they just don’t feel clean even after vacuuming?  It is time to get you area rugs professionally cleaned. Properly cleaning area rugs takes skill, experience and specialized equipment. COIT has been cleaning carpets and area rugs for over 65 years. 

What is the COIT Surrey Area Rug Cleaning Process? 

Once you give COIT Surrey a call, we’ll gather information over the phone and schedule a time to inspect and pick up the area rugs you would like cleaned.  The COIT Surrey technicians will carefully examine your area rugs and take note of the fabric, backing type, weave pattern, and how soiled the rug is and whether there are any spots or stains. If your cat or dog has had an accident on the rug, don’t stress.  At COIR Surrey, we are experts at dealing with pet stains. Now that your area rug is clean, we’ll bring it back to your home and lay it down wherever you like.  COIT has the most skilled and friendly area rug cleaners in Surrey!

Some Advantages of COIT Area Rug Cleaning Surrey:

  • COIT Surrey picks up your area rug and drops it off again at your home for FREE! No delivery fee.
  • COIT Surrey offers a free written estimate, no hidden fees. 
  • A custom clean that protects your area rug from damage, including fading or shrinking. COIT Surrey technicians are experts at identifying fiber and weave types
  • If you need the area rug’s fringe repaired, the backing to be replaced or repaired, or to get the rug re-padded, COIT Surrey offers repair services.
  • Would you like to protect you rug from future stains and spots? Ask for COITGard fabric protector. 

Caring for an Area Rug:

  • Prevent wear with a high-quality rug pad. Rug pads cushion, prevent crushing, help keep dirt from getting ground in. 
  • Is your area rug partially or fully exposed to sun? Turn it every 2-3 months to prevent uneven fading and close the curtains when possible.
  • Stop grime and dirt at the door by taking off your shoes in the home. This is the best way to preserve area rugs.
  • Vacuum once a week at a minimum.
  • Have a spill? Treat it right away. 

COIT Surrey follows the IICRC Methods for Area Rug Cleaning

COIT Surrey cleans area rugs following the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification’s (IICRC) best practices for area rug cleaning. The IICRC is a trusted third-party organization known worldwide for creating consensus on cleaning best practices. COIT Surrey works hard to offer the area rug cleaning Surrey BC residents trust. 

Why Choose COIT Surrey?  We are the best Area Rug Cleaners In British Columbia!

You’ll be happy with COIT Surrey’s customer service, 100% guaranteed

  • Your area rug will be clean, fresh, plush, and bright or COIT Surrey will RE-CLEAN it.  We stand by our gentle and effective Persian rug cleaning.
  • COIT Surrey is so confident in about our superior cleaning; we’ll REFUND the cost if you are not pleased with our work.  
  • COIT Surrey guarantees that your rug will not be damaged or we’ll REPAIR your area rug. 
  • If the rug cannot be repaired, COIT Surrey will RECTIFY the damage.  

You’ll have a credit for the damaged rug’s present actual cash value* toward a future COIT Surrey service once the original rug cleaning has been paid. COIT has Area Rug Cleaning Surrey residents love for clean, plush rugs.