Is your couch looking tired, stained, and worn?  Would you rather NOT have company over until you can get a new sofa?  Stop being embarrassed by your old furniture; you’ll be surprised just how effective a COIT Surrey upholstery cleaning can be at getting your couch clean and stain free again. COIT Surrey’s master upholstery cleaners are excellent at removing years of stains and general grime. 

COIT Surrey’s Furniture Cleaning 

With a COIT Surrey upholstery cleaning, our technicians will arrive promptly for your appointment and start the job by determining your furniture’s fabric type.  We’ll also take note of the soil level and any damage, spots, or stains. You’ll have a written quote so you know the cost before the upholstery cleaning begins. As an added convenience, COIT upholstery cleaners can schedule your cleaning for the same time as your quote. COIT Surrey’s upholstery cleaning uses the highly effective hot-water extraction method.  Hot water extraction gives a very deep clean.  Our technicians are great at targeting all sorts of stains: ice cream, ketchup, wine, pet stains, coffee, any spill! 

What are the Advantages of a COIT Professional Upholstery Cleaning?  

  • We clean every type of fabric: natural, synthetic, silk, twill, whatever
  • Get rid of stains and odors, have fresh clean furniture again 
  • Fabric specific cleaning methods for maximum effectiveness
  • We are experts with pet dander, stains, odors, and hair
  • Optional COITGard for upholstered furniture protects against future stains 
  • If you need repair, we do it! 

A COIT Surrey furniture cleaning will also improve your home’s air quality because upholstered furniture hold a lot of accumulated dust, and allergens like dander, mites, and pollen. 

COIT Surrey is IICRC Accredited for Upholstery Cleaning

The IICRC it is a respected, independent, international organization that sets standards for cleaning and restoration services.  COIT Surry is proud to be certified and always performs the IICRC cleaning best practices and techniques for upholstery cleaning and restoration.

Why choose COIT Surrey Upholstery Cleaners?

The goal at COIT upholstery cleaning Surrey is to give our customers the very best upholstery cleaning in Surrey at an honest price with excellent customer service. Our professional upholstery cleaning services are an excellent value. As with all of our services, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  We know you will be pleased with COIT Surrey’s Upholstery cleaning or:

  • We’ll offer a complete RE-CLEANING of your upholstered furniture pieces.  If the additional furniture cleaning does not do the trick, COIT Surrey will…
  • Offer a full REFUND on the upholstery service.  We are that confident in the efficacy of our upholstery cleaning services.  
  • We guarantee to treat your home and furnishings with care or COIT Surrey will… REPAIR any damaged furniture, walls, or other items. We are so confident in our “white glove” service that, COIT Surrey will even guarantee to…
  • RECTIFY the unfortunate and unlikely situation by crediting you with the present actual cash value* or the damaged item toward a future COIT Surrey cleaning service one the upholstery service has been paid.

   IICRC CERTIFIED COIT Cleaning and Restoration of Surrey