Have your home’s wood floors become dull and embedded with dirt?  If it is time for a hardwood floor cleaning, COIT Surrey offers wood floor care to clean and restore your floor’s original shine and beauty.  After the COIT Surrey service, your home’s hardwood floors will look astoundingly better. 

The managers at COIT Surrey will help you schedule a convenient time for your wood floor inspection.  You’ll have a written estimate based on the area of flooring and estimated cleaning time.  Our expert wood floor technicians will determine your home’s wood species and the general soil level to develop a customized cleaning plan.  

How does COIT Surrey Get Hardwood Floors so Clean? 

First, COIT Surrey uses its powerful vacuums to suck away the surface dirt.  Then, our technicians scrub the floor in a cylindrical motion to remove embedded dirt and waxy residue.  Our specialized equipment is effective yet gentle and preserves the wood grain. We keep the floors as dry as possible during cleaning. COIT Surrey technicians will hand clean edges and corners to capture all the dirt and grime. Then we perform a second scrubbing.  Now that the floor is pristine, you can choose a high-gloss or satin finish for your floor.  Either way, you’ll have a streak-free finish.  

The Advantages of Hardwood Floor Cleaning by COIT Surrey:

  • Our cleanings restores you wood’s original shine 
  • No sanding!
  • Replacing a hardwood floor is expensive!  Save money with a deep cleaning.
  • You can get the finish you desire, satin or high gloss
  • Your floors will be beautiful!  

COIT Surrey’s top tips for cleaning wood floors:

  • Avoid Scratches: dry mops, soft brooms, and the vacuum’s bare floor attachment are best
  • Vacuuming and sweep a couple times a week to avoid dust, dirt, and debris buildup
  • Protect the floor from furniture legs with felt pads
  • No oil soaps! They dull wood floors
  • Water is the #1 enemy for hardwood floors. Damp mop only when necessary and wipe up spills quickly  
  • Use curtains to protect wood floors for sun fading. 
  • When cleaning laminate wood floors, use a dust mop, don’t get them too wet, and don’t use too mush soap or detergent. Water and vinegar work great for laminate floors.

COIT Surrey Is British Columbia’s #1 Choice for Hardwood Floor Cleaning

COIT Surrey performs the wood floor cleaning Surrey residents love and has the highest cleaning standards anywhere. COIT even guarantees your complete satisfaction with our wood floor care services:

  • Not happy with you wood floor after we are finished?  We’ll perform a complete RE-CLEANING your hardwood floor.  COIT Surrey is so confident in our hardwood floor cleaning that we’ll: 
  • Give you a REFUND if you are not satisfied.  
  • You can trust that our technicians will not damage anything in your home and will be very contentious because COIT Surrey promises to REPAIR your furnishings should they become damaged.
  • COIT Surrey even goes the extra mile of promising to RECTIFY the problem by presenting you a credit for a COIT Surrey service in the damaged item's present actual cash value* after payment for the wood floor service. Trust COIT wood floor cleaning Surrey.

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