Defeat Dust: 10 Tips on How to Reduce Dust in Your Home

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Have you ever dusted, just to find that a few days later the house is dusty again? Dusting is a task that few people enjoy, but seems to need to be done all the time. While dusting is a task required on a regular basis, there are a few habits and activities that will keep a house dust-free for longer stretches of time. Here is our list of 10 tips on how to reduce dust in your home:

  1. Change air filters regularly and buy the good ones. Fiberglass air filters trap large dust particles but not small ones. Buy pleated filters and change them at least every three months, or more often if they look dirty.
  2. Get air ducts cleaned. If the air ducts look dirty, they're dirty. All of your cooled and heated air circulates through air ducts. If the ducts are harboring dust, mold, and other irritants, that is exactly what you are breathing.
  3. Use mats to keep dust out of your home. Mats at entry points will help catch the dust before it enters your home. Shake out mats weekly.
  4. Take off your shoes when you enter your home. Simply taking off your shoes when you enter the home will keep vast amounts of dust out of your home. Less dust will be tracked onto carpets or rugs, releasing less dust each time you step. You’ll be amazed at how much cleaner your home will stay.
  5. Minimize knickknacks. There's a reason they are called dust catchers.
  6. Dust regularly. The more often you dust, the less dust will accumulate.
  7. Dust with microfiber cloths. Microfiber cloths hold dust while ripped up old t-shirts just move dust around. Wash microfiber cloths immediately after dusting to prevent the dust you just cleaned up getting back in the air. Never use fabric softener as it will reduce the dust-catching capacity of microfiber cloths. 
  8. Vacuum regularly. After dusting, vacuum to clean up any dust that has settled on the floors. Vacuuming will clean hard floors and remove the dust that gets trapped in carpets and area rugs.
  9. Clean upholstery regularly. Upholstery catches and holds dust more easily than hard surfaces. Vacuum couches and drapes weekly with a brush attachment. Get upholstery professionally cleaned every couple of years or more often if your home has kids and pets.
  10. Groom pets regularly (and make sure it's done outdoors). Pet dander creates dust and irritates allergies. Groom pets often to reduce dust. If you groom them outdoors, it will keep the accumulated dander from entering your home.
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