How to Choose a Quality Air Duct Cleaning Service

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By making the wise decision to hire an air duct cleaning service, you’re already thinking ahead about the future health of everyone who breathes air inside your home. As you begin your search, there is one factor that can be a little intimidating: figuring out how to choose a quality air duct cleaning service. It can be hard to tell whether a company has what you need: high-quality service, no-excuses reliability, and fantastic reviews. To help, we’ve assembled a how-to guide for revealing these desired traits. Trust us, by using the quick guide below, vetting an air duct cleaning service will be a piece of cake.

Learn How to Research Air Duct Cleaning Service Companies

Proper appraisal of home cleaning services in advance avoids endless headaches. The following is a brief overview of how to best research an air duct cleaning company:

  • Check out reviews
  • Request before and after photos
  • Look for a “satisfaction guaranteed” statement
  • Verify professional certification
  • Ask the correct series of important questions
  • Take proper steps to avoid scams
  • Check credentials before beginning
  • Request an estimate before beginning
  • Physically inspect the completed job yourself prior to giving final payment

Check Out the Company’s Air Duct Cleaning Service Reviews

Checking out the reviews before making a purchase can be a big help in obtaining the quality service you’re after. If you take a quick peek at COIT Cleaning and Restoration of Houston Reviews on Google, the Texas branch has a whopping 1,502 reviews averaging 4+ stars.

We do advise that when choosing a provider, you read through all of the reviews, including negative ones. Pay especially close attention to the business’s response to posts which criticize the business. Ask yourself if the business owner sounds fair and level-headed, with a determination to make things right for the customer.

Above all, when gathering customer reviews to best gauge who has the most impeccable air duct cleaning service, make sure the positive reviews do not seem fake. Also re-read the neutral reviews and analyze the pros and cons of the customer’s experience as a whole.

Look for Before and After Air Duct Cleaning Photos

In the internet age, it’s safe to assume every customer expects to see before and after photos. If the air duct cleaning service you contact boldly states they do not have images available showcasing a job well done, this should be considered a definite red flag.

If you follow COIT on Facebook or COIT on Twitter, you’ll see that we frequently post before and after photos of completed jobs. Oftentimes, our technicians will also encourage customers to take their own before and after photos which they can post themselves in an online review.

Look for a Satisfaction Guaranteed Statement

If a company is truly confident in their service, using trained technicians who take pride in leaving every customer completely thrilled with a job well done, then a 100% satisfaction guarantee should be offered. At COIT, all of our franchise locations want to be the best home cleaning and restoration service in their respective area.

In other words, your satisfaction is always guaranteed with us.

Look for Professional Certification

It’s always a smart prerequisite to look for professional certification in whoever you hire, whether it’s for air duct cleaning or one of our other services such as residential carpet cleaning. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (commonly referred to as the IICRC) is a prominent non-profit organization which sets standards for solving emergency situations, helping keep homes clean and safe. COIT is proud to list this credential since we are certified by the IICRC.

Ask Your Air Duct Cleaning Company Plenty of Questions

We’re firm believers in the old adage, “There’s no such thing as a stupid question.” So when it comes to your air duct cleaning company, ask away! After all, you’re paying for the service with your hard-earned money. Any quality air duct cleaning technician is going to sympathize with your concerns and take the time to earn your trust. The best questions to ask include:

  • How long have you been in business?

“How long have you been in business?” is a fairly standard question, and many companies will list this information somewhere on their website. Vocalizing your interest shows that you are the type of customer who is going to expect real results.

  • How many homes have you serviced?

When you confirm an Uber driver, the app will tell you the exact number of rides the driver has completed. A professional home cleaning service should be no different. Feel free to ask the number of jobs they have carried out with high customer satisfaction rates.

  • Do you have insurance?

Does the company’s insurance apply to only their workers and assets, or does the insurance also extend to cover your home as well? A trustworthy cleaning company will have a reputable insurance policy that covers any potential damage to your home if an accident should occur.

  • Do you belong to any associations?

COIT proudly belongs to the following associations: The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and Angie’s List. These are all distinguished associations to which many reputable air duct services will belong. If the cleaning company in question is not a member of any industry organization, this could be cause for alarm.

  • Are your chemicals harmful to pets or children?

If the service isn’t prepared to answer this question thoroughly, this is a sign of concern; it does not necessarily mean the chemicals being used are harmful, but it does signify that the cleaning company is unaware of the products they will be using in your home. You want representatives working on your home to be knowledgeable. When asking a service like COIT this question, you will receive our honest response: we use only the safest cleaning products, none of which are harmful to pets, children, or adults.

  • Do you follow EPA guidelines?

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets Effluent Guidelines as a national standard to be followed throughout all 50 states. These rigid guidelines created by the EPA should never be considered optional. Verify that your air duct cleaning provider carefully adheres to these EPA guidelines.

  • If I am not satisfied will you come back out to fix any issues?

Resending technicians to a completed jobsite is costly, and no company wants to have to do it. Because of that, the sort of cleaning service that promises to come back if the issue isn’t resolved is going to get things right on the first visit.

Air Duct Cleaning Scams and How to Avoid Them

Unfortunately, many cleaning companies get their foot in the door by offering a quick $50 cleaning, then once inside your home, falsely state they found mold that may not actually exist. The price you pay will then rise by hundreds of dollars as the company wrongly scares you, stating your home is in danger of producing unclean air. Additionally, steam cleaning air ducts is not an industry standard—beware of a technician who recommends this service.

On the bright side, if you’ve requested and verified common industry certification and also asked the above questions, the likelihood of the service being a scam is incredibly low.

Check Credentials Before They Start

The best time to ask about company credentials is right up front, when on the phone scheduling your appointment with the air duct service. The estimator will likely rattle off a list of certifications and licensing organizations you can jot down. Remember that Google is your friend. A quick online search can verify that the company does in fact possess the credentials given.

Get Estimates Ahead of Time

By all means, gather multiple estimates ahead of time. When hiring an air duct cleaning service for the first time, the best practice is usually to have a backup plan in place. This way, if the air duct cleaning service you select informs you of your home’s need for additional (and costly) services, you will have another professional opinion available.

A company like COIT is never discouraged to hear that you’ve contacted a competitor of ours for a secondary quote. We understand that by checking all of the above boxes internally and delivering great service for a great price, we will have earned your trust. Speaking with another cleaning provider should only increase that trust.

Physically Inspect the Air Ducts Prior to Giving Final Payment

Prior to giving final payment and letting the repair technicians leave your home, it’s very important you ask to physically inspect the air ducts. Check not only the ducts themselves but also the grilles, components, and other parts of the ventilation system. While the technician is showing you the completed job, it might be a good idea to take photos and ask any other follow-up questions that come to mind.


There are plenty of subpar residential cleaning companies out there. Your best method for receiving superb service is to follow this guide to take matters into your own hands. The air your family breathes depends on it!

Hire the quality air duct cleaning service that practices what they preach. Find a COIT location near you today!

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