12 Expert Tricks to keep your house cool in summer

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Looking for ways to beat the heat this summer without relying solely on your air conditioner? 

Whether you're aiming to cut down on energy bills or you live in a place where A/C units are less common, our guide offers 12 expert tips on how to keep your house cool during the sweltering summer months. 

Keep reading for cost-effective strategies for maintaining a comfortable indoor climate, even as the temperature outside climbs.

1. Chillin’ by Grillin’

Why turn on the oven and heat up the whole home?  Take your dinner outside and take advantage of the grill.  Also, no-cook meals like salads will keep you cool and fresh all summer long.

2. Create Shade All Day

Sunshine means heat.  Use shades, blinds, and curtains to cover windows and keep the heat out.  Bonus- blocking the sunshine will also keep rugs and upholstery from fading.

3. Use Cotton Sheets

Flannel sheets are cozy in winter and satin is certainly luxurious, but plain cotton sheets will keep you cooler in the summertime.  Choose percale weave over sateen for optimal coolness and don’t be fooled by ultra high thread counts.  Higher thread counts often do not mean higher quality and can be much warmer than lower thread count sheets.

4. Have a Cold Shower

Another trick to stay cool at night is to take a cool shower before bed.  It will help lower your body temperature so that you can fall asleep more easily.

5. Choose aCooler Light

Incandescent light bulbs burn hot.  Shut off the lights whenever possible to keep those miniature heaters from warming up your home.

6. Install Ceiling Fans

File this under: cool yourself, not the house.  While fans do not drop the overall temperature, they make you feel cooler because they blow away the hot air around your skin and help sweat evaporate.  

7. Go With the (air)Flow

Besides using a fans, you can create airflow inside the home by opening opposite doors and windows to create a wind tunnel.

8. Try the Ice Cube Trick

Another great trick with the fan:  Set a bowl off ice in front of the fan.  The air will flow over the ice cubes and send that icy cool air your way.

9. Use heat-reducing window films

Applying heat-reducing window films can significantly lower the temperature in your house by reflecting the sun's rays outside. It's like giving your windows sunglasses!

10. Set programmable thermostats

Programmable thermostats let you set cooler temperatures for when you're home and higher temperatures when you're away, saving energy and keeping your home just right.

11.Plant shade-providing foliage

Planting trees or tall plants around your home can provide natural shade, making your outdoor space cooler and reducing the heat that enters your home. Trees like oak, maple, and elm grow tall and wide, providing ample shade in the summer. They lose their leaves in the winter, allowing sunlight to warm your home during cooler months.

12. Regular maintenance of A/C units

Keeping your A/C and HVAC systems running smoothly is crucial for a cool, comfortable home. Experts like COIT specialize in ensuring your systems are efficient and effective and free from dust, black mold, or other issues. 

Don't wait for a breakdown during a heatwave; schedule an appointment with us to get professional maintenance and enjoy peace of mind all summer long.


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