How to Clean Vents and Air Ducts

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The new year brings many resolutions, for some of us it’s to shed a few pounds, for others it’s to spend more time with our families, and for more still we want to improve our home and overall health. While we are more than happy to make these resolutions on the 1st of January, it becomes quite difficult to continue with our resolutions throughout the year. Luckily for us some things like having a cleaner healthier home environment can be done at any time of the year with simple cleaning tactics like cleaning your air vents and air conditioning ducts. This guide will help you learn how to clean your AC vents and air conditioning ducts and get you one step closer to a happier healthier 2020.

There are many benefits to cleaning your air ducts and vents regularly. Less dirt in your air ducts and on your ac vent covers can decrease wear and tear on your AC components helping to increase the longevity of your system, and cleaner air ducts means cleaner air in the home, which is great news for allergy sufferers. While recommend calling the Pros at COIT to make sure your air ducts are properly cleaned for improved indoor air quality, here are some useful tips in case you want to try cleaning them yourself.

What You’ll Need.

1. A Vacuum Cleaner - Your regular vacuum cleaner should be adequate however, it’s important to have a long hose and plenty of attachments to reach all of the nooks and crannies. In order to get the best results you can head to your local home improvement store and rent a heavy-duty vacuum.

2. A Screw Driver - Most air duct vents or tightened using screws. Having a standard screwdriver handy will allow easy access to your air conditioning vents and ducts.

3. Scrub Brush - When it’s time to use some elbow grease to D dust your AC vents you are going to want to have a good long handled brush with stiff bristles to help.

4. Broom & Cleaning Cloths - Finally, to keep all of the dust, spiderwebs, and other debris from spreading around your house having good normal everyday cleanup tools handy is essential.

Step 1

Safety first. Make sure to turn off the power to your heating and air-conditioning system.

Step 2

Unscrew your AC vents and give them a thorough brushing to remove dirt and dust. If your AC vents are particularly dirty don’t be afraid to give them a wash with warm water and soap.

Step 3

Now that the vents are out of the way, grab your long scrub brush and clean along the air duct walls loosening dirt and dust. Reach as far as you can go don’t forget having a long stem brush helps get too hard to reach places.

Step 4

With the dirt and dust loosened its time to use the vacuum and its attachments. Use the vacuum along the vent walls and in all nooks and crannies that you can reach. Remember, a heavy-duty vacuum will be much better at sucking up the dust and dirt then your regular home vacuum would be.

Step 5

Use a damp cloth to clean along the vent walls where you can reach to really get a thorough clean. If you can, attach a damp cloth to a longer handle so you can reach more places.

Step 6

It’s cleanup time. Make sure to use your vacuum and a broom and whatever household cleaning items you have to clean up any air and dust that might have come out of the vent and onto your floor or your carpet. Return the vent covers to the proper place and voilà we’re done.

Cleaning your air conditioning vents and ducts yourself can be a very labor and time intensive project. Add to that the cost of renting specialized equipment and it might not be something you’re willing to take on yourself. You may end up deciding it’s Pro Time, and you’d be better served trusting an independently certified technician to clean your air ducts. If that turns out to be the case, just contact your nearby COIT office and we’ll schedule your professional air duct and vent cleaning right away.

Contact your local COIT air duct crew for help with ac duct cleaning without any of the lackluster DIY results.