How to Clean Grout

Grout.  Even the name sounds serious. Cleaning grout can be no fun at all when you scrub and scrub but don’t get great results.  Even worse is breathing in fumes from bleach or other harsh cleansers.  There is a better way to clean grout, and we don’t mean hiring the COIT tile team, though that works too!  Here are our eight best tips on how to clean grout without all the fuss.

  1. Tile Brush Drill Attachment -  Wow.  This is amazing.  It still takes some work, but it is a great way to speed up cleaning.  If you have a cordless drill, several companies make scrub brush attachments for the drill.  Pick your favorite cleaner (we recommend baking soda) and let the drill do the scrubbing.
  2. Baking Soda - A staple in all clean and natural households.  Baking soda is a go-to cleaner for grout.  It is great at naturally lifting away stains.  Make a paste with water and scrub away.
  3. Vinegar - Vinegar is also a must for natural cleaning and deodorizing.  Use everyday as recommended in the next tip, or spray on grout after scrubbing with baking soda for extra cleaning power.  Bonus: Clean drains by pouring ½ cup baking soda down drain and following with ½ cup vinegar.  Caution: Do not use vinegar if you have natural stone tiles like marble.
  4. Frequency - Keep a spray bottle mixed with half vinegar and half water in your shower.  Simply spray your shower with the mixture after each shower.  You’ll be amazed how clean your shower stays.  Bonus: use liquid soap instead of bar soap and say goodbye to soap scum.
  5. Old Electric Toothbrush - Like the tile brush attachment, let a tool to the work for you.  Bonus: Small enough to keep inside the bathroom so that you do not have to go to the garage every time you want to clean grout.
  6. Time - Make a baking soda paste with water and spread over tile and grout.  Leave on overnight and spray with vinegar in the morning.  Follow with your regular morning shower and rinse off any baking soda/vinegar residue.  No scrubbing needed! 
  7. Oxygen Cleaner - Do you need extra stain fighting power? Don’t breakout the bleach, call upon powerful yet gentle oxygen cleaners like Oxyclean or Bioclean Oxygen.  Mix the oxygen cleaner with water to make a thick paste.  Spread on grout and leave for at least one hour.  Scrub with a brush or  toothbrush.
  8. Peroxide - Spray hydrogen peroxide on tough grout stains and scrub-a-dub.  Mix with baking soda for extra stain fighting power.

Mix and match these techniques if you have a tough case.  For example, if you have a particularly nasty grout situation, apply a baking soda paste and leave on overnight.  In the morning, spray with vinegar and scrub with a brush drill attachment or an electric toothbrush.  If nothing works, a professional cleaning and grout staining might be the only thing that saves your from re-grouting. Need more amazing cleaning tips?  Check out the COIT blog!

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