Have you ever had your drapery, blinds, shutters, valances or any other window treatments professionally cleaned to remove dirt, dust and allergens that accumulate over time? If you haven’t, Coit drapery and blind cleaning Victoria is a professional option worth considering.

For over 60 years, Coit has been in the business of offering customers like you this deep cleaning service to not only improve the appearance of window treatments, but also improve the overall health of your home.

With drapery and blinds come microscopic bacteria that love to collect and make a home in various areas near your windows. By hiring Coit to professionally eliminate these contaminants using a powerful, commercial-grade vacuum, you’ll be simultaneously cleaning the air you breathe every day.

How Can Coit Drapery & Blind Cleaning Victoria Help Your Window Treatments?

  • The team at Coit drapery cleaning is a part of the world’s largest cleaning company, with over six decades of experience satisfying customers with superior results.
  • With each and every service, you can expect not only great results; but also complimentary takedown and reinstallation.
  • If you’re looking for drapes that come returned with even hems, no shrinkage, and parallel pleats, Coit Victoria is the service you need.
  • Should your window treatments need any kind of alterations or repairs, we’ll gladly take care of that so you’re good to go.
  • For homes and businesses interested in an extra layer of protection, Coit Victoria also offers flame-proofing services, in addition to cleaning and alterations.

Coit Drapery Cleaning Uses a Process that’s Worked for Over 60 Years

Coit’s drapery cleaning and blind cleaning procedures have been proven effective over 60 years, with thousands of satisfied customers. 

We invented the process we use to clean your window treatments, evolving with various technology that has advanced and improved the professional cleaning industry.

Every Customer Benefits from Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

As our cleaning treatments evolve over time, one thing remains the same: our commitment to a 100% satisfaction guarantee with every service. 

That’s what makes Coit Victoria stand out from the rest of the professional cleaning companies out there. You may be curious what this guarantee looks like when it’s put to the test. 

It comes in the form of the four Rs:

  • If you take a look at any of your window treatments and you don’t feel 100% satisfied with the results of our cleaning, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’ll gladly reclean your window treatments right away, free of charge.
  • Should this additional round of window treatment cleaning fall short of your expectations, we’ll offer you a full refund so you won’t have to pay for the service.
  • If any surrounding items in your home are damaged by accident as we clean, Coit Victoria will assume full responsibility for all costs associated with necessary repairs.
  • Should repair not be possible, we’ll rectify the issue by presenting you with a cash credit that’s equal to the value of the damaged item.

Take care of your drapery, blinds, shutters, valances and any other window treatments you may have in your home. Invest in professional deep cleaning with Coit to experience superior results. 

Give us a call today to speak to a representative and make an appointment that works with your schedule.

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