COIT Area Rug Cleaning

Did you know that with regular cleaning, you can make your area rugs last longer? 

The great thing about area rugs is that they can really add to a room’s overall décor.  You can add a splash of color colour with a bright area rug and freshen up the feeling of any room. 

But over time, area rugs tend to get a bit roughed up, especially in areas where there’s a lot of people and foot traffic coming and going. You can combat this constant foot traffic by investing in regular area rug cleaning with COIT’s trained team of specialists.

  • area rug cleaningOur team can treat more than one type of area rug using specialized equipment, including Oriental rugs.
  • COIT technicians go through special training to design custom treatments that will best suit your area rug’s individual weave and dyes.
  • Using the industry’s best technology, COIT offers area rug cleaning services that dig deep below the surface to remove tough stains, dirt and smells.
  • To keep your area rugs looking fresh for longer, our technicians can also apply a stain-resistant coating called COITGard™.
  • In addition to professional cleaning services COIT offers, re-padding and re-fringing services are also available for older area rugs that may need a refresh.*

* Geographic restrictions may apply

Remember, all of our services are backed by our unique industry-leading guarantee!