Wood Floor Cleaning

Are your wood floors looking a bit beat up? COIT Wood Floor Cleaning services not only deep clean and shine your wood floors; this service also keeps them in better condition for a longer period of time. Contaminants like oil, dust and dirt can cause your home’s wood floors to weaken over time, leaving you with the not-so-cheap bill to repair and restore them.

Your local COIT Wood Floor Cleaning specialists can help prevent this from happening with our state-of-the-art cleaning equipment. Before beginning our intensive cleaning treatment, our technicians will remove large pieces of debris.

Wood Floor Cleaning


    COIT’s Wood Floor Care & Intensive Floor Treatment will then perform an intense scrub, thanks to professional grade equipment. Because our technology uses a cylindrical motion, along with a cleaning solution, dirt and residue that household cleaning can miss will rise up to the surface. Finally, our squeegees will dry your floor.

    Detailed Hand Cleaning

    And that’s not all. We will follow this scrubbing with a detailed hand cleaning to remove dirt from hard to reach areas. With the help of a microfibre cloth, any remaining dirt or residue on the surface will be long gone. 

    Second Scrub 

    After a detailed hand cleaning, your wood floors will get a second scrub using our advanced equipment.

    Top Coat Application

    Finally, your local COIT technician will apply a top coat to your wood floors. You can choose between a satin or a gloss finish, minus the sanding.

    Remember, all of our services are backed by our unique industry-leading guarantee!