Tired of cleaning granite countertops, but still not getting rid of oil, dirt, stains and damage that accumulates on your home’s stone surfaces over time? Coit stone cleaning Victoria can help.

By investing in Coit’s professional cleaning services, your granite, stone, marble, Saltillo and more will look better than it has in years – guaranteed. 

Over time, residue builds up on the surface of all types of stone, dulling its shine. Scratches and etch marks can age your stone surfaces as well. To preserve your investment, Coit can deep clean using the most advanced professional equipment available.  

By preparing, pre-sealing, honing, polishing and sealing your stone through an intensive 5-step process, your stone surfaces will look better and last longer over time.

Coit Stone Cleaning Victoria Promises to Deliver the Following Benefits

  • Through our professional cleaning treatment, we’ll lift away oil and wax that builds up over time on the surface and beneath the surface of your home’s stone.
  • If you’d like to see your stone surfaces restored to their original condition, let the Coit team use our high-quality diamond pads to eliminate scratches and damage.
  • Every time we deep clean, we’ll apply a sealer that can fight off future contamination and dirt build-up between services.
  • Whether your stone is indoors, outdoors, in the bathroom, kitchen or any other room, we can use our tried and tested cleaning procedures to not only deep clean, but also restore.
  • If your home has broken or cracked stone in any areas, not to worry – we can tackle repairs as well so your surfaces look good as new.
  • From Saltillo to travertine to marble, slate, granite and more, we’ve got years of expertise handling all types of stone surfaces.

The Team at Coit Natural Stone Cleaners is IICRC Certified to Deliver Results

If you’re wondering how our Coit technicians develop their expertise when it comes to cleaning all kinds of stone in your home, you can thank the certification program offered by the IICRC – the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. 

As a non-profit organization that operates in more than 25 countries, the IICRC leads the charge in keeping professional cleaning companies educated and accountable for the procedures and results associated with professional cleaning treatments. Coit Victoria technicians enroll in IICRC training programs and take related certification exams to validate and solidify their stone cleaning expertise.

Coit Satisfies Every Customer with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

From granite cleaning to marble cleaning to all kinds of stone surfaces, the team at Coit Victoria guarantees customer satisfaction with every service we offer. If you’re not happy with the results of our service, our job is simply not finished.

  • Reclean – if your stone surfaces aren’t completely revived and sparkling when we’re finished cleaning, let us know so we can perform a second round of cleaning right away.
  • Refund – if this additional round of cleaning isn’t up to your standards, we won’t hesitate to refund your money.
  • Repair – should any items in your home accidentally get broken while we clean, Coit Victoria will take care of all repairs.
  • Rectify - we’ll give you a cash credit that’s equal to the item’s value if it can’t be properly repaired.

Call Coit Victoria today to invest in your stone surfaces so they look better and last longer – we guarantee it!

IICRC CERTIFIED COIT Cleaning and Restoration of Victoria