When you have a busy schedule and like to enjoy your free time with a bit of relaxation, spending a few hours cleaning wood floors in your home is probably not too high on your list of things to do, right? It doesn’t have to be thanks to a few helping hands from Coit wood floor cleaning Victoria.

Our team of experts at Coit wood floor care can do the tough work for you. We’ll execute a five-step professional cleaning process that involves carefully executed procedures to revive and restore your investment in your wood floors. We have expertise in cleaning laminate wood floors as well.

After thoroughly inspecting your wood floors to assess their current condition, we’ll remove all debris from the surrounding area that we’ll be cleaning. After all larger dirt residue is removed, we’ll then utilize powerful professional equipment that scrubs your floors beyond the capabilities of any household mop.

After this initial round of scrubbing, our technicians will hand clean any areas that may be difficult to reach or need extra attention to ensure no spots are left behind. Next, we’ll scrub a second time using the same powerful machinery to dig deep below the wood floor’s surface.

We’ll then finish our cleaning by polishing your wood floor to bring back its original shine.

What Will Coit Wood Floor Cleaning Victoria Deliver with Every Single Service?

  • With each and every service Coit provides for your home’s wood floors, you can expect to immediately see a very noticeable difference in how your wood floors look.
  • Thanks to an intensive cleansing treatment that goes way beyond any household cleaner’s capabilities, our trained technicians will use powerful commercial-grade equipment to restore your floor’s original luster.
  • Depending on what you like best, you can choose between a high gloss or satin finish – just let us know and we’ll make it happen after deep cleaning.
  • By hiring Coit every 24 months to treat your wood floors professionally, you can focus on maintenance, which is much more affordable than expensive replacement jobs.

Coit Wood Floor Care Cleans Using Tried and Tested IICRC Recommendations

Whenever our Coit Victoria team is working to clean, revive and maintain the quality of your wood floors, we’re doing so following the best practices laid forth by the IICRC, or the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification.

The IICRC leads the way when it comes to setting standards for professional cleaning companies like Coit to follow and implement whenever we’re working in customer’s homes. As a worldwide organization, the IICRC is respected in more than 25 countries as an authority that keeps the customer’s best interest in mind.

Experience the 4 Rs with Coit’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Coit Victoria keeps your best interest in mind by providing a 100% satisfaction guarantee with every wood floor cleaning service.

  • If you’re not happy with the appearance of your wood floors when we’re finished cleaning, we’ll reclean them a second time upon request.
  • Should the recleaning not eliminate your concerns, let us know and we’ll offer you a full refund of the total cleaning cost.
  • If anything gets accidentally broken while we clean your wood floors, we’ll handle all necessary repairs.
  • And if repair isn’t possible for whatever reason, we’ll rectify the problem by offering you a cash credit that’s equal to the damaged item’s value.

Give Coit Victoria a chance to clean and revive your home’s wood floors today. Call to make an appointment and experience the difference of our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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