The quality of your indoor air has a significant impact on the productivity, health, and satisfaction of your occupants. Commercial duct cleaning by COIT Vancouver is an affordable and effective way to:

  • Improve IAQ so you and your occupants can work and feel better.
  • Remove dust, dirt, mold, spores, microbes, and other particulates that build up over time in your HVAC system and air ducts. 
  • Ensure your air ducts are properly cleaned according to high National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) standards, by certified and background-checked COIT Vancouver technicians.
  • Help your HVAC system work more efficiently - potentially lowering energy costs while doing more to protect the environment.
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Commercial HVAC
  • COIT's Professional Duct Cleaning
    • COIT [current-franchise:title]’s certified, background-checked service technicians are thoroughly trained to meet the high industry standards of the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA).
    • Using our state-of-the-art HEPA vacuum system and High Pressure Air Sweep. We transfer harmful air duct pollutants into a contained filtration system where they can’t impact your environment.
    • We also use advanced air whips and brushes to thoroughly clean ductwork, plenum, cooling coils, and air handlers.
    • Our commercial duct cleaning technique delivers superior results, backed by the industry’s strongest 100%-satisfaction guarantee.
    • With 68 years of professional cleaning experience and satisfied commercial clients across the U.S., COIT is a proven, reliable partner you can count on for quality.
    • Minimize disruption with after-hours and weekend air duct cleaning.
    • Keep potentially harmful allergens, bacteria, spores, fungi, and microbes in your HVAC air ducts from contaminating your environment.
    • Improve the quality of your indoor air as well as your occupants’ productivity, comfort, and satisfaction.
    • See potential energy and utility savings with an HVAC system that operates more effectively and efficiently.
    • Trust the expertise of certified, background-checked COIT [current-franchise:title] commercial duct cleaning specialists trained to meet the industry’s highest standards.
    • Take advantage of competitivepricing and discounts while seeing the best results from your commercial duct cleaning services.
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Office cleaning guarantee

With COIT, you know you’re working with a true commercial cleaning professional and partner that offers the industry’s strongest 100%-satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with the results of your COIT commercial cleaning services, we’ll quickly take the following steps to fix it:

RECLEAN any areas or items to your satisfaction. 

REPAIR any damage due to our work, at our expense.

RECTIFY the problem if we can’t repair the damage, by crediting you with the item’s present actual cash value* toward a like replacement from a COIT source (upon payment of cleaning services rendered).
*As determined by customary industry standards.


Dedicated Account Manager

As a COIT client, you’ll have access to a dedicated account manager ready to respond quickly to your requests and ensure the highest quality of commercial cleaning services.

Great Competitive Value

COIT quality service comes at a competitive price and with better results. Our advanced custom commercial cleaning technology, solutions, and methods result in a superior clean you and your occupants will notice. 

100%-Satisfaction Guarantee

When it comes to guaranteeing our commercial cleaning services, we have other companies beat. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the results, we’ll quickly take steps to fix it.

Flexible Scheduling

To minimize disruption, we provide commercial cleaning services after hours, on weekends, and around your schedule. Our service techs work quickly while respecting your work environment.


You can trust our highly trained, certified, and background-checked commercial cleaning service tech to show up on time, work professionally, and get the job done quickly and correctly the first time around.


Prolong the working life of your commercial flooring, surfaces, HVAC system, draperies, and more with a customized COIT maintenance program including convenient reminders.