The upholstered furniture and partitions can takes a beating. Dust, pollen, food crumbs, and stains seep deep into the upholstery, turning your business lounge into a danger zone of bacteria. To remove these contaminants and preserve the quality of your investment, call us for a COIT commercial upholstery cleaning. Our skilled commercial cleaners know how to tackle big business jobs and will leave your upholstered furniture refreshingly clean, creating a healthier workplace for all to enjoy and extending the longevity of your upholstery. 

COIT cleans more than just upholstery, our specialized commercial technicians are skilled at cleaning:

  • Medical Partitions 
  • Cubicle Partitions 
  • Furniture of All Types 
  • And More! 

In addition, all of our deodorizers and cleaners are nontoxic and will not leave a sticky residue behind. If your upholstery needs extra protection too, we offer CoitGard™ - a protective coating designed keep your furniture safe from any future soiling or stains.    

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Appointments Available


  • Upholstery Cleaning For Businesses

    Our upholstery cleaning for businesses includes:

    • Dry and wet cleaning methods
    • On-location cleaning done at your convenience, may it be nights, weekends, or off-season times
    • Expert evaluation of your fabrics for the safest cleaning method
    • Pre-spotting treatment
    • Materials and techniques endorsed by major fiber manufacturers, interior design experts, and fabric mills.
  • Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Process
    • COIT professional technicians have equipment that cleans virtually every type of upholstery in existence, including Jacquard, velvet, and Haitian cotton.
    • Before beginning any commercial upholstery cleaning processes, our team of commercial furniture cleaning  technicians inspects each piece of furniture to create a custom cleaning plan.
    • Once a proper furniture cleaning method is determined based on the make and material of your commercial furniture, our trained specialists get to work removing stains, restoring color, and reviving your upholstery.
    • COIT commercial upholstery cleaning also offers deodorizer services, as well as our CoitGard™ stain- resistant protective coating.  
  • Professional Leather Cleaning

    Our deep down, professional leather furniture cleaning, will remove dirt before it damages your fine furniture. Our cleaning products work thoroughly but gently.

    • COIT's certified cleaning technicians will inspect your furniture and match a specific cleaning method to best clean your leather finish.
    • Our cleaning products are also pH balanced and speciallyformulated for leather upholstery.
    • COIT's cleaning products provide special conditioners that restore the suppleness of the leather and replenish its natural oils. Not only will these conditioners renew the beauty of your leather furniture, they will also extend its life. 

    There are many different types of surfaces, but leather may be one that many people may not think needs to be cleaned regularly.  NOT TRUE! 

    There are many types of leather, and each type needs to be cleaned with care. Leather also covers a wide variety of surfaces in your business. That is why our commercial cleaning specialists are specially trained to properly care for and clean leather. 

    Our leather cleaning process involves steps to ensure that it is done properly.

    1. The leather is examined to determine the type of leather. 
    2. A cleaner is applied to break up soil and grime that has accumulated over time.
    3. Roughly five to ten minutes are allowed to pass as the cleaner works on tough stains. The technician then removes the soil and wipes the leather clean. 
    4. A special conditioner is applied to ensure that the leather remains soft and smooth. Last of all the furniture is wiped down with a Protectant, in order to repel soil and grime from everyday use. 

    Maintaining and cleaning leather properly can be an overwhelming process. That's why COIT has trained its professionals on the proper steps of leather cleaning. Call Us today for your leather cleaning needs.

  • Benefits of Professional Cleaning

    Keeping your business or property clean takes time and energy. No matter how diligently you do all the usual daily tasks, eventually your business or property will need a deeper, more thorough cleaning. Rather than pulling out the buckets, brushes, mops, and special cleaning products, why not Turn it over to the professionals at COIT? Deep cleaning is what we do – and we do it every time. There are plenty of reasons to hire a professional commercial cleaning service. Look them over and then give us a call! We are here to make your life easier.

    1. Healthier Indoor Air 
    2. Long Term Savings
    3. The Right Tools do a Better Job
    4. Deeper Clean
    5. Clean flooring lasts longer
    6. A cleaner environment for your employees or occupants 

       The COIT Difference

      With more than 70 years in the cleaning industry, we are not newcomers, and we are on a mission. Our commercial cleaning team has worked throughout the years to develop the most effective cleaning processes, and we admit it – we are proud to have become the most trusted cleaning service in North America. At COIT, we don’t rest on our laurels, but are always working to develop newer, better methods. 

      Over the years, we have developed some of the most effective cleaning methods for the your business or property, including:

      • Carpet Cleaning
      • Area Rug Cleaning
      • Air Duct Cleaning 
      • Furniture Cleaning
      • Drapery cleaning
      • Blind Cleaning
      • Natural Stone Care
      • Concrete Floor Care
      • Tile & Grout Cleaning 


    Office cleaning guarantee

    With COIT, you know you’re working with a true commercial cleaning professional and partner that offers the industry’s strongest 100%-satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with the results of your COIT commercial cleaning services, we’ll quickly take the following steps to fix it:

    RECLEAN any areas or items to your satisfaction. 

    REPAIR any damage due to our work, at our expense.

    RECTIFY the problem if we can’t repair the damage, by crediting you with the item’s present actual cash value* toward a like replacement from a COIT source (upon payment of cleaning services rendered).
    *As determined by customary industry standards.

    why choose coit 

    Dedicated Account Manager

    As a COIT client, you’ll have access to a dedicated account manager ready to respond quickly to your requests and ensure the highest quality of commercial cleaning services.

    Great Competitive Value

    COIT quality service comes at a competitive price and with better results. Our advanced custom commercial cleaning technology, solutions, and methods result in a superior clean you and your occupants will notice. 

    100%-Satisfaction Guarantee

    When it comes to guaranteeing our commercial cleaning services, we have other companies beat. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the results, we’ll quickly take steps to fix it.

    Flexible Scheduling

    To minimize disruption, we provide commercial cleaning services after hours, on weekends, and around your schedule. Our service techs work quickly while respecting your work environment.


    You can trust our highly trained, certified, and background-checked commercial cleaning service tech to show up on time, work professionally, and get the job done quickly and correctly the first time around.


    Prolong the working life of your commercial flooring, surfaces, HVAC system, draperies, and more with a customized COIT maintenance program including convenient reminders.